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Information technology has developed in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. A number of innovations have emerged that can significantly improve the way the ‘modern office’ works:

  • The emergence of the ‘cloud computing’ model, reducing cost and enabling ‘anywhere working’.
  • The availabilty of powerful collaboration tool sets such as Microsoft Offce 365.
  • Adaptable server operating systems that are no longer the sole preserve of the corporates with deep pockets.
  • Mobile devices that are usuable and with ‘apps’ that can connect you to your data effectively.

The modern business owner cannot be expected to be aware of all the possible I.T. solutions that are available and will best serve his/her enterprise.

That’s where we come in. Pennine IT Services makes a point of keeping abreast of the I.T. solutions marketplace so that we can advise our Clients of the options that are available to them. This is particularly the case with Microsoft solutions and we are proud to be a Microsoft partner.

So, whether you are in the position that you realise your existing I.T. is no longer serving the ever changing demands of your business, or you are starting a new business, we can advise you of your options and guide you towards implementing the most appropriate and cost-effective I.T. infrastructure.

I.T. Strategy Planning

It is our philosophy that in order to recommend a complete set of I.T. solutions, we need to understand how our Client wants their business to operate.

An effective way of achieving this is by undertaking an I.T. Strategy Review, linking the I.T. Strategy to your Business Plan.

By mapping out the Client’s business processes, desired day-to-day modes of operation and understanding the future vision of the Business, we put ourselves and our Client in a much stronger position to procure and implement the best and most appropriate I.T. architecture.

Typically, the steps for producing an IT Strategic Plan are:

  • Clarify the business vision, mission and objectives.
  • Identify business priorites
  • Identify the business growth plan
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Define business processes
  • Revue current technology usage & shortfalls
  • Construct strategy for replacement I.T. infrastructure
  • Develop implementation and spend plans

The whole process is inclusive and undertaken in conjuction and reviewed in conjunction with the business owner and key staff.

I.T. Project Management

We offer a comprehensive I.T. Project Management service, overseeing all aspects of the project and regularly reporting back progress, busget performance, risk and revisions.

The service includes:

  • Project initiation documentation, outlining the scope and objective of the project together with costings, timescales, supplier activity and manpower requirements.
  • Regular project progress meetings and reporting.
  • Financial control, budget versus actual spend reporting.
  • Manpower planning.
  • Supplier management.
  • System testing.
  • Quality assurance.

A well managed I.T. project ensures a successful project!

An introduction …

Sean Warde IT Consultant Rochdale

I’m Sean Warde, I founded Pennine IT Services in 2011. I’ve been delivering I.T. systems and solutions to the corporate, public and SME sectors for over 30 years, so I have a wealth of experience for you to call on.

I’m also a Microsoft Partner, which gives me access to a worldwide pool of experitise and resources via the Microsoft Partner Network.

In the 7 years since our start-up, Pennine IT Services has built up an established client base of over 40 businesses not only in the Rochdale and Manchester region but UK wide and has gained a reputation for delivering quality and value for money. We are regularly referred.

If you are interested in our I.T. Consultant Service, please contact me and I’ll be happy to come and visit you for a free no obligation consultation to explore how I may be of help.


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