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Virtual Servers

We provision and administer Microsoft Azure virtual servers for our Customers in the Mansfield area and Nottingham.

We can get you up and running with a hosted virtual server provisioned through the Microsoft Azure service and provide on-going administration.

Why a Virtual Server?

Advantages of a Hosted Virtual Server:
  • Cost: There is no upfront capital spend required on hardware, licences etc. Virtual servers are made available by a recurring low cost revenue spend which covers the hardware, licenses,useage etc, charged monthly. With Microsoft Azure, you only pay for the time when the server is running!
  • Scaleability: Virtual servers can be instantly scaled to your needs as and when required. Servers you purchase are usually vastly over configured for the majority of their lifespan. In the case of a virtual server, if you need more or even less memory / disk storage, you can scale a virtul server upwards or downwards accordingly, getting much better value for money.
  • Speed of deployment: You’ll be up and running with a virtual server the same day it’s provisioned. No lead time in hardware being ordered/delivered/installed.
  • Anywhere access: You can easily acccess the virtual server from any device connectd to the internet and has had a Remote Desktop Protocal (RDP) connection created. VPN connections can also be established.
  • Risk: None of the risks or associated costs with hardware failure that come with owning an on-premise server.

Our Virtual Server Service

We set up, populate and administer.
  • Free Trial: We’ll get you up and running with a Microsoft Azure account. Microsoft credit your account with £125 so that you can trial the service.
  • Setup: We will set up your virtul server through your account. Using your free credit, we can help you configure the virtual server ensuring that it has enough memory and disk space to service your requirements. This process will help identify what your eventual monthly charge will be.
  • Configuration: We will create all your user accounts on the virtual server and install the RDP connector on your devices. We will install whatever software you require to run on the virtual server and upload your data.
  • Permissions: We will configure data structures and access permissions.
  • Network: If you requie more than 1 virtual server, will will network them for you.
  • Administration: We can provide and on-going administration service for your virtual server.

Remember, there is no contract with the Microsoft Azure service. Your virtual servers can be decommissioned at any time with no penalty!

Microsoft Azure Pricing:

The great advantage of choosing Microsoft Azure as the platform for your virtual server is the pricing structure. Other hosting providers charge a flat montly fee. This means that even if you are not using the virtual server, for example at weekends, you are still being charged!

Not so with Microsoft Azure. They give you the ability to shutdown and restart the server and only charge, at an hourly rate, when the virtual server is running.

So, you could, for example, shut it down over weekends,  and turn it back on on Monday morning, saving being charged for the weekend!

This is a link to the Azure pricing calculator, where you can work out the cost for yourself (select the Compute & Storage options): Pricing

Here are a couple of pricing examples:

  1. Windows 2012 Server with 3.5 GB RAM 60GB HDD and 500GB data storage (suitable for a small team of circa 5 Users)

Running 8am-6pm Monday to Friday (200 hours per month) £26 per month

Running 8am Monday to 6pm Friday (424 hours per month) £46 per month

Running 24/7 all month (744 hours per month) £76 per month

2. Windows 2012 Server with 7 GB RAM 60GB HDD and 500GB data storage (suitable for a team of circa 10 Users)

Running 8am-6pm Monday to Friday (200 hours per month) £44 per month

Running 8am Monday to 6pm Friday (424 hours per month) £85 per month

Running 24/7 all month (744 hours per month) £136 per month

Please Note: The prices above are just examples at the time this content was written. For current prcing visit the Azure Pricing Calculator at:


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